We are concerned with the breeding of coloured forms of Boa Constrictor Imperators (as albino,       
                                   Columbian motley, sunglow, brilliant Corallus caninus and Morelia Viridis).                           
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   We have Boa Constrictors in our breeding at the present. Breeding group consists of three females and two males and they occupy our biggest terrarium. However, they will be changed to Boa Constrictor albinos soon. This group of albinos consists of four females and two males. Concerning breed of boas breedersí opinions differ. Our boas are doing well if they are kept together in terrarium. We also have the experience that if we decreased the temperature for 2-4 weeks in autumn, the mating didnít take place. Once we left a stable temperature throughout the year, mating and progeny are regular. So I think, even though in some species of reptiles is changing seasons necessity to come to successful mating, it is individual in boas and it should be tested. 
   We breed Pogona vitticeps as the pets. Especially my girlfriend likes them. They are really beautiful and peaceful lizards that wonít ever pall on you. As perhaps all pogonas, pogonas vitticeps as well, it is really funny to watch how they communicate in between them by different swinging heads. Sometimes I find myself imitating them as well ... :-)))
   We bred Basilisk (Laemanctus longipes) in the group 2.3 in the past. These brilliant small lizards like high air humidity and thickly overgrown terrarium. They are not able to drink from the dish they lick the water from the leaves of the flowers and the walls of the terrarium. Thatís why we dewed two times a day. We arranged them tropical terrarium 120cm long, 70cm wide and 60cm high, what seemed to be sufficient for them. These Basilisks grow to 60cm up but ¾ from the total length occupies the tail. They lived in the terrarium together with a pair of Phelsuma madagascariensis, with a pair of Acanthosaura capra and the trio of golden Gecko. All together nicely managed to clean the terrarium from the crickets. J  What ones didnít manage to eat through the day, geckos completed at night. These Basilisks are really lovely and cuddly. They got used to human presence very soon and every time I put my hand into terrarium they immediately curiously jumped on it. Unfortunately, I had to get over with the breeding of these Basilisks due to lack of time that they really need. But when I change the job, Iím sure I will come back to them again. I like to share with you a few photos.