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   I began to take breeding animals in the terrarium, especially reptile breeding, up in year 1993. In that time I visited my first terra exchange where these, our small companions, completely enchanted me. I met a few another breeders from my neighbourhood whom I began to talk with, later I entered into their terra-club and step by step we became good friends. They often helped me with good advice in my early days and were supplying me with mountains of literature. My first snake was Python molurus bivittatus, by which it obviously didn’t stop. I gradually expanded the breeding of other pieces of python and I built a huge terrarium for a breeding group of Iguana iguana. A group consisted of two males and four females which I brought from the terra exchange in Ostrava in a small plastic box. After three years I watched the first mating and because it was a rarity in that time I quickly ran to video shop for the camcorder so I could document the entire action. Unfortunately I went to the USA before expected brood and my ex-wife sold everything immediately. When I write everything I mean EVERYTHING. Including my personal things and the flat…But it doesn’t belong here…

Posted in Terrarium building I described my own practice in the production of inexpensive artificial rocks. We have also bred Conehead Lizards (Laemanctus longipes) and Water Dragon (Physignathus concincinus) but because of my workload we had to drop these breeds. But I firmly believe we return to Conehead back as these small lizards got us completely.

I also created section about snakes where there are articles about different types of reptiles, which I am interested in. There are materials downloaded from the internet so I do not attribute any merit for them.

I hope you will enjoy mine amateur website and can find here exactly what you need.